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for a fitting appointment or information - questions -- please E-mail anytime -- OR call 619-442-3767 8am to 6pm Mon -Fri 10am to 6pm Sat - Sun


We carry SCC Super Z 6 & Super Z 8 -- also Super Z LT and Shur Grip Z along with QuikGrip link snowchains in most sizes -- also have V-bar reinforced "icebreaker" SNOWCHAINS for exceptional grip in mud and snow. 

  We have SNOWCHAINS, TIRECHAINS, and SNOWCABLES to fit  most vehicles.

  Exact fit  SNOW TRACTION everytime!

  Small, LARGE, odd, and "hard to find" snowchains sizes are in stock year round.

  We HAVE snowchains and cables to fit the LARGE low profile and aggressive tires now popular on SUVs, pickups, and Hummers  H1, H2, and now H3 as well !

Please NOTE  --  We do NOT ship NOR do we offer "carry out" sales without actually prefitting your snowchains!

We HAVE snowtraction for campers, motorhomes, tour buses, and even tractor trailers

We HAVE snowcables to fit Acadia, BMW, Envoy, Equinox, Traverse, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Porche -- you name it, we've gottum for it!
  We serve the San Diego County area primarily, but, that said, if you are willing to travel whatever distance you must to present your vehicle for fitting we gladly stand ready to serve you.

Folks have come from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Burbank, Paramount, Pasadena, El Cajon, Anaheim, West Hollywood, Venice, Rancho Palos Verdes,  Culver City, Orange County, Laguna Beach, Mt. Laguna, Pine Valley, Palm Springs, Thousand Oaks, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Mammoth Lakes, Yosemite, Sacramento, Bishop, Bakersfield, El Centro, and from as far North as San Mateo and San Jose, and from Las Vegas, Phoenix, and even Dallas and Austin Texas.

In this fashion you can be assured of two things --

ONE - that SNOWCHAINS - CABLES purchased from us fit perfectly  -- AND --

TWO - that you will KNOW how to install them in the EASIEST way!

Time is allowed with each purchase for you to practice and perfect your SNOWCHAINS101 instruction here [ on a nice clean concrete floor ] BEFORE you actually HAVE to do it in a raging snowstorm! :(

EVERY set of snow chains purchased fitted EXACTLY to YOUR tires while you watch AND participate!

RENT snowchains? NObody "Rents" anymore -- too many issues We, have never "rented" sorry

WHY -- you WANT yer snowchains to FIT! -- You DON'T want to end up like THIS! SNOWCHAINS DISASTER -- a YouTube video series

snug fit is IMPORTANT

SNOWCHAINS101 is provided with EVERY set purchased!

Even a small amount of snow can SURPRISE!

Mt Laguna SNOW weather

Pine House Cafe & Tavern on Mt. Laguna -- GOOD eats! GREAT atmosphere! wonderfull fireplace to warm yer tushie -- :)

Mt Laguna Lodge facebook page -- SNOW CONDITIONS -- lodging availability -- updated daily

Where to git yer Adventure Pass to be able to park roadside on Laguna Mountain to be able to play in the snow w-out gittin a ticket!




Panther Vision LED lighted glasses and caps -- PERFECT for installin chains!

Computer repair by a pro, in San Diego -- computers debugged - virus, spyware, and malware exterminated -- git yer computer runnin smooth agin

ADVENTURE SKI & SNOWBOARD SCHOOL ***** Best place to learn to ski - board in San Diego County "Magic" [ Moving ] Carpet Ride since 1977

MAMMOTH SNOWMAN Info on Mammoth Mountain by one who LIVES, WORKS and RIDES there.

Caltrans Webcam at junction of 203 & 395 chain up area

Mammoth Mountain forums joinup link

When in Mammoth, install yer snowchains BEFORE you go to bed! -- for you *may* wake up to THIS!

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN[ official site ]

Discoveries America series by Bennett-Watt Productions

Uplifting, true stories of people helping people Heroic Stories .com

A SMILE for yer heart!

The Sandpiper

today you, tomorrow me

"A taxi ride" -- [ see if you kin finish readin *this* w-out blurred vision ]

A musical, performance art LIFT for yer day! WATCH it! It'll do yer heart GOOD!

CBS news Assignment America video story of the Highwayman in action

Last of the Breed -- a novel by Louis L'amour

for my esteemed clients, here to git snowchains for their vehicles, I have a stash of Louis L'amour paperback books -- great for cabin readin after a snow day's activities -- or, jist great to read anytime -- FREE w every purchase of snowchains -- 
yol Bolson  [ may there BE a road ] 

Louis L'amour books - my FAVORITE readin!

Deetjens in Big Sur on Coast Hwy 1

A place we hold dear and FOOD to DIE for!

Live Lake Arrowhead and Mountain Web Cams

Big Bear storm story -- 04-05 holiday storm

Big Bear Lake Adventure -- beautifully done!

Big Bear trip advisor

"Riders on the Storm" DOORS

OMG! Big Bear! traffic! Friday - Saturday January 22-23 2010!

KBHR weather

Sierra snowchains requirements video

Planning a trip to Yosemite? You will be REQUIRED TO SHOW that you have snowchains to fit your vehicle before you will be allowed entry to the park in snow season -- be prepared -- we HAVE them for you.

 SNOWCHAINS questions answered, appointments made, driving directions provided 24/7 by e-mail 

SNOWBIRD SNOWCHAINS for perfectly fitted SNOWTRACTION for your car, truck, SUV, RV, 4x4, motorhome, hummer, bus, or even tractor-trailer!

SNOWCHAINS phone -- 619-442-3767
8am to 6pm PST 7days

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